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November 28, 2014

I’m typing this from sunny California as I spend my 6th Thanksgiving with Tom on the West Coast.

A quick recap because, memories!

LA, 2008. It rained the second I got off the plane. Tom lived in Korea Town and I think we saw a bunch of movies. Apparently the rain let up eventually and the weather got nice and warm and we taped this video:

Never Leaving from The Spectrum on Vimeo.

LA, 2009. We ate red velvet pancakes and took walks around Larchmont. My brother and his wife were in LA for a wedding and we drove up to Santa Barbara for the day and it was magical. We also ate at Thai Patio at least twice? Three times? Also, we saw a bunch of movies including “The Road” which terrified me for like 3 months afterwards.





LA, 2010. This year, we cooked up our usual feast, saw the latest Harry Potter movie and then drove to San Francisco for the weekend. (This was pre-Instagram era but photo filtering apps were all the rage and clearly, I was addicted. SIGH.)





LA, 2011. We ran the Santa Monica steps as usual, saw three movies and ate lots of Thai food.



LA, 2012. This was a really short trip, Tom was sick and so was I, I think I actually came home early? I also wasn’t really blogging anymore so there is no evidence, photographic or otherwise, that this trip actually ever existed.

In 2013, I was newly married and it was the first time in 5 years I skipped LA and spent the holiday with my husband’s family. So this year, when it was ‘my’ turn for Thanksgiving, J asked what I wanted to do and I sheepishly suggested, “Um, go see Tom in LA?”

And lo, here some differences for 2014 that make this year a standout experience:

1 – We decided to rent a house in Palm Springs instead of stay in LA. 85 degrees and a saltwater pool! Yes, please!

2014-11-26 12.21.22

2 – My amazing husband J is with us for the first time!

2014-11-26 23.54.19

3 – I am 15 weeks pregnant.


You heard me.

J and I decided our lives were a little too normal, we were getting a little too much sleep, things were going a little too well so we decided hey, let’s introduce a little bundle of chaos and see what happens.

The first trimester has been the roughest thing I may have ever gone through. (Is that dramatic? It sounds ridiculous. Whatever, IT STAYS.) Luckily, a few days before we left for California, my life turned around and food stopped being the most repulsive thing imaginable. I stopped throwing up and I stopped eating only bread so I feel really really lucky. I am feeling amazing and the warm weather in California is helping a lot, as is being around Tom who is just the best.

I am due towards the end of May and maybe this baby is just the thing I need to get me writing/blogging again. I would like to document this pregnancy though my personal journal up until this point basically says: ‘threw up, did not throw up, almost threw up, feel like death, tomatoes smell awful, boobs hurt like crazy, sleeping 14 hours a day, barfed, etc.” So that’s not very exciting. But hopefully things will pick up soon.

Anyway, time to go take a nap by the pool and count my blessings, of which there are several hundred. I am so grateful.



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