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May 22, 2013

Hey guys! How we doin’?

I’m on Week #2 of Watching What I Eat A Little Bit More Than Usual and it’s working out pretty well. I set some goals for myself last week and then evaluated and re-wrote them for this week. As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s more about making my life healthier (adding things) rather than reducing which is just easier for me to stick with. However, as I expected, adding healthier things leaves less room for the unhealthier things. So I didn’t set out to eat less gluten or sugar but I barely had any of either just because I was busy stuffing my face with more vegetables.


Basically, added more green juice to my life, tried to eat more fruit and made an effort to cook more at home, whipping up some easy dinners: veggie stir-fry, veggie omelets, etc. (I did realize that I eat like 75 million eggs per day and I’m not sure that’s okay or not!?) I also did one day without any grains at all and had a splitting headache by 11 AM that never went away. No fun, but I stuck with it.

I haven’t stepped on a scale as I’m not too concerned with the numbers so I may have dropped a pound or two or none at all but I feel much happier about the quality of things going into my body.

I meant to keep a food journal all week but only did it a few days, so here’s a sampling on how I’m going about a typical day:

Last Friday

8:30 AM – Went to the cafeteria for an egg sandwich, my usual Friday AM treat. Instead, treated myself to a green juice (spinach, parsley, cucumber, ginger, apple) for $3.50! THANK YOU WORK CAFETERIA! Then since I was still craving some eggs, I got 1 egg and 1 slice of cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.

1 PM – Salad for lunch – romaine/spinach combo, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke hearts, chick peas, avocado. Really wanted my usual white balsamic vinaigrette but assumed it’s loaded with hidden secret sugar so got fresh lemon juice and olive oil instead. Verdict: STILL DELICIOUS.

Snack at 4 PM: almond butter packet with a banana (These are my fave and automatic portion control.)

J and I ordered Thai food for dinner and it was delicious and I enjoyed it and didn’t care because I AM NOT MADE OF STEEL OVER HERE!

No exercise today as I was dealing with some sleep deprivation but made myself go out for a 30 minute walk after work because something is better than nothing.

And that’s the latest and greatest. Every week I’m tweaking my goals and readjusting which seems to work pretty well. This week my goal is 3 green juices, 3 salads for lunch, 3 servings of berries, one day without grains and some exercise goals that sadly do not involve vinyasa yoga because you guys, I done hurt myself real good.

I started physical therapy for my shoulder and it turns out the injury is actually a sprained/strained bicep ligament. (EW???) And to compensate for the injury, my arm, shoulder socket, etc. are all swollen and inflamed and the muscles surrounding it are overworked so my upper back is tight and filled with muscle spasms.

Physical Therapist, feeling around my back: Okay so if I just see what’s going on right…OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!????????

Then I screamed in agony.


So, that’s happening as well.

The physical therapist did promise to fix me in time for my wedding while also maybe giving me some muscle definition in the process as yoga has encouraged my natural flexibility but has reduced what little stability I had. Basically, I need to improve my strength as I’m flexible and weak and I should be flexible and strong.

Plus I need to strengthen my back to take pressure off my shoulder and arm.


So, wahoo! Week #1 down. A million to go???

That’s the news! Who wants to give me a massage!?!!?


  • Sandra

    Sounds good. Trying to add good things is better than just trying to eliminate bad (but delicious) things. And walking is a great and highly underrated exercise!

  • Tim Eimiller

    I will give you a massage.

  • Tim Eimiller

    I will give you a massage until my fingers give out. Which should be at least five minutes. I mean at most five minutes. Cuz I gots the rheumatism, bein’ in my thirties and all.

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