This Blog Is About To Get Real Boring

May 10, 2013

Yesterday, I went to a new general practitioner for an annual physical (and by annual I mean my first time in about six years) because now I have health insurance, la dee da for me so this spring I’ve been hitting up every single doctor I can find.

Doctor: What brings you in today?

Me: Well. I have two problems that I need you to fix but then if you could do all the regular stuff as well to make sure I’m not dying, that’d be great too.

Doctor: …

My two issues are: acid reflux which is ruining my entire life and severe tendonitis in my right shoulder joint (super fun).

The reflux thing has been out of control as in: waking up every morning nauseated, throwing up occasionally after meals, hating all my favorite foods because they bring me pain, (TOMATO SAUCE I LOVE YOU!) etc. The shoulder injury was a result of overuse towards the end of teacher training and then I tweaked it again pretty hard a week or so ago in a crazy psycho barre class and it has never been the same.

So, I got a prescription for an acid reducer (though the doctor told me to continue eating a bland diet if possible while I’m on it and continue to avoid trigger foods which for me are coffee WAHHHHHHHH and grapefruit juice AHHHHHHH, two of my most favorite things! Ain’t looking forward to the no coffee thing…at all.) I also got an Rx for an x-ray for the shoulder and lots of physical therapy so, let’s fix this sucker pronto!

However, what I really wanted to discuss was that while at the doctor’s office, I stepped on the scale and came to the startling realization (but not really because I kind of already knew) that, um, how do I say this…


The Russian nurse announced my weight out loud to me, as if I wasn’t staring at it with my jaw dropped open. Then she said in a thick accent:


And I was all, Svetlana, no. No, this is not good for me.

I mean, it’s good for me in the fact that I’m still healthy and my BMI is fine and all that. But it’s not good for me in the sense that it’s a little heavier than I feel comfortable being and also, there’s the little fact that I AM GETTING MARRIED IN FOUR MONTHS and though I’m not obsessed with losing weight just for the day and being a crazy miserable skinny bride, I’d also kind of prefer not to be the heaviest weight of my entire adult life the day I walk down the aisle.

That’s just my preference though. If I was indeed heavier than usual on my wedding day, we’d all be fine and J would be happy and so would I and no one would probably notice or care and we would have the best day.


I decided the weight gain is a result of a few things, after examining the past few months of my life. Due to long work days, J and I rely on takeout probably a little too much. Honestly it is just so easy in New York City. In about 15 minutes, magical things appear at our door for not that much money. We don’t eat terrible things per se but it’s just probably a little too frequent and the portion size for sure too large.

Additionally, the weight gain might be tied to the reflux as well a little bit because bland foods make my stomach feel better and since I’m vegetarian, I can’t eat broiled chicken as the reflux doctors suggest so I’ve been eating…rice. And noodles. And oh, it feels so nice. (Until my pants feel strangely tight hmmm how did that happen…)

Lastly, in terms of exercise, my day job burns a lot less energy than previous day jobs and I’ve severely reduced my activity level since yoga training ended.

Previous jobs/activities: babysitting (running around all day all the time), auditioning (running around all day all the time), yoga teacher training (yoga all day all the time).

Current job: sit at a desk for 12 hours, do not move a muscle, go home, feel too tired to hit the gym, eat, sleep. Repeat.

It’s…pretty much the worst. And yes, I try all those fun tricks the magazines tell you! Take the stairs! Get up and TALK to your co-worker instead of e-mail! Go for a walk at lunch! But let me tell you: those tiny movements ain’t gonna cancel out twelve bowls of elbow macaroni that soothes my acidic tummy, you feel me?

I don’t do well with restrictive diets and I eat pretty healthy as it is so I didn’t want to do some crazy sort of NO THIS NO THAT crap. I work better when it’s more proactive, when I think of things I could ADD to my lifestyle to improve it rather than take away.

Last night J (who has also gained weight, probably because of me and my Thai food addiction: I AM SORRY J), helped me brainstorm a list of physical activity I wanted to include in my week AND nutrients/meals/foods I wanted to include in my week.

The goal is to see how many I can accomplish which means I get to check things off a list which always gets me excited.

I thought blogging about it would help and if anyone wants in, feel free to get on my healthy diet/move your ass train! Choo choo! It’ll be awesome.

Thinking of posting how I’m doing on here, maybe keep track of my food choices and exercise. YEAH? WHO IS WITH ME?

Great. Let’s do this.

Also my week is starting today, which is Friday, the day I like to eat the most. SIGH. But putting it off ’til Monday ain’t gonna help no one.

Hit it Rockapella.



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