Apartment Tour

January 28, 2013

Tom wanted a tour of my new apartment. I picked all my favorite things to show him.

DSCN0080 from The Spectrum on Vimeo.


  • GreenInOC

    Ohhhhh, I am so excited for you and me! Me you wonder? I have been seriously dreaming about that washer/dryer combo for nearly 2 years. It’s so expensive I haven’t pulled the trigger plus the reviews are so stark: Love it, it’s perfect or Hate it, it’s a piece of junk.

    Please let us (me!) know how you like it through the course of your time there.

    Congrats on the abode!!

  • TheSpectrum

    GreenInOC – Welp. I am freaking in love with it because I’ve never had a washer/dryer in my unit before. I’m definitely not an expert on appliances and since we rent, I didn’t have to purchase it myself! :) It’s an energy efficient washer/dryer as I’m sure you know which means it only takes certain detergent (labeled HE, how sexist!) and it takes forever to dry clothes.

    This is fine by me as 1) I don’t dry a lot of my clothes anyway, opting to hang up and air dry and B)we’re just thrilled to have the darn thing in the first place. Also worth noting it’s somewhat small so it can’t hold a lot of things and if you attempt to put in a huge load of clothes, it will take literal hours and hours for them all to dry. For a party of 2, this works well. If I had a bigger family, I’d be in trouble.

    I did buy these things to help speed along the drying process and make my sheets less wrinkly. We’ll see how it goes!

  • Meggie

    Omg omg so my google reader has been broken for like A YEAR OR SOME SHIT but NOW LAURA, NOW I have an iPad and I found a google reader app AND NOW I CAN SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE SINCE BASICALLY MY SON WAS BORN.

    Also you should know that I was dyyyyyying laughing throughout this whole thing.

  • TheSpectrum

    Meggie – Meggie! Welcome to my life. I have a washer/dryer. That’s it.

  • Diana

    I was forty before I got to experience that. It has been over a year now since we moved into our house with an inside laundry room (IN OUR HOUSE OMG) and every week when I do laundry I still think about all those years schlepping to the laundromat, or the apartment laundry room. I think about sharing machines with people who left lipstick in the dryer or let their birds come in and poop on the washers. I think about all the quarters scrounged, cadged and dug out of sofas. AND I AM STILL GRATEFUL. Enjoy! Happy for you!

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