Hurricane Sandy

November 4, 2012


A hurricane hit my dear city (and me).

As you might have heard, it hit us hard.

(Famous last words from my boss on Friday before the storm “Everyone is freaking out for nothing. This will be NOTHING.”)


The city is recovering because it is the freaking best city in the world.

I am recovering too but it’s going to take some time. My body and my mind were put under some seriously stressful circumstances.

I was staying in the East Village at my fiancĂ©’s apartment when Sandy came to town. We were planning on moving him to our new apartment in Long Island City, Queens on November 1st so his apartment was more than half-packed up already. The move was postponed to Thursday due to the damage. We were a few blocks from the ConEd transformer explosion on 14th St. and FDR. We heard the explosion on Monday night. Then the power went out and stayed out until we moved on Thursday in the dark, using headlamps, wrapped in a few layers of sweaters and snuggies due to the rapidly falling temperatures.

We arrived safely in LIC Thursday night to find that we did have power in our new building but no hot water due to the basement flooding and the boiler frying in the salt water.

As of yesterday, we can finally take a hot shower and our subway line has been restored so we can travel as needed.

We know other people (including my parents) are not as lucky. They are out on Long Island without power, heat, cell reception still.

But my family and friends are all safe and all have their houses/apartments and belongings intact.

I am lucky to be alive. Lucky that our apartment didn’t flood. Lucky that we had food and water and each other, even in the dark.

I’m going to try to document in detail what we went through later (the generosity of strangers, my sweet little 1998 Ford Escort driving us through the darkened streets of Manhattan up to where there was light and heat and power, the mouse that kept us up all night in the old apartment trying to eat our food after we went to bed, sitting in the freezing cold waiting for the movers who showed up two hours late).

For now, we are safe. We are getting back to a routine. I am back to work tomorrow. Never thought I’d be so happy.

Hope all of you are okay out there, this was a rough one.



  • Gennifer

    So glad to know you and your family are all okay. Even though I don’t actually know any of you, I was actually worried about you! I thought about your awesome dad and wondered what he was doing in the middle of all the craziness. Can’t wait to read more about your experience!

  • Tim Eimiller

    Hurricane? What hurricane?

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