What I Know About Planning A Wedding (Hint: Zero.)

October 30, 2012

After the shock of being engaged wore off (as well as the shock of moving into a new apartment, beginning yoga teacher training and starting a new full time job, NO BIG DEAL GUYS), I realized that eventually I would have to take steps to plan our wedding. I’ve always considered it kind of neat that I’m a down-to-earth gal who has definitely dreamed of being married but never really dreamed of what her wedding would look like. Now I consider that line of thinking COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL AND AWFUL.


This is because girls who know how they want their BIG DAY (can we stop using this phrase? THANK YOU) to go probably shift easily into wedding planner mode. I am having some trouble making this transition. I’ve just been sitting around thinking that I should probably wear a dress of some sort and we should make a list of people we want to show up. Then I eat a bowl of cereal and consider my work for the day done.

Apparently, this is not how weddings are planned.


Luckily, my fiancé (WHAT! I HAVE A FIANCE!) has been to about 35 million weddings and is a wonderful resource to use. I get stressed out when I think of the wedding as a huge gigantic blob of ?????????? What’s helpful is to think of one step at a time. First, we make a list of people we would like to invite so we can see how many guests there might be. Then we can move onto venues that can accommodate that number. EASY PEASY, RIGHT? (No, because then I think about the time of year I want it to be and if I want it near the beach or near a lake or in a barn strung with twine that my great-great grandfather made years ago on his farm in Poland.)

(This twine does not exist but you just try taking these Do It Yourself wedding websites seriously because I cannot. All I’ve learned is that I should use mason jars for something. ANYONE???)

The thing is, you guys, I am terrible with decision making. I second-guess myself constantly and it turns out that when you plan a wedding, you need to DECIDE things. Which is so great! You get to CHOOSE! My issue is that I love everything! I want a beach wedding AND a barn wedding AND my parents backyard AND let’s all fly to Costa Rica! WOOOOOOOO!

The TV show about planning my wedding would not be called SAY YES TO THE DRESS, it would be called SAY YES TO ALL OF IT YEAHHHHHHHH YOU GUYS PARTY TIME! (c).




Lucky for me, I know what I DO NOT want my wedding to involve so I made a list and hope this will get me closer what I *DO* want.

Here is the list of things that I’d like to avoid:

1. Dry/bland wedding cake

2. Anything involving a garter belt and other people watching

3. Anything involving the word ‘registry’.

4. Twine

The End.

So looks like I’m doing pretty well, right? I basically just need to stay fully clothed and make sure we have delicious desserts.

Is this thing planned yet?


  • heather

    You’re doing GREAT. Pretty much weddings are big parties celebrating something awesome (you). Congrats!

    Also, you’ve seen A Practical Wedding, right?

  • Daniele

    I’ve been reading for awhile, but never commented. Here’s my first:
    Planning and deciding is hard. If I were to offer some advice it would be: Focus on one decision at a time. Set a date not too far out-I planned my wedding in 6 months and there was no time to change my mind. Once a decision was made, it was done with a capital D. Decide what is important to you about the wedding-having people there? just you and your man? guests having fun? Then, base your decisions on those important things (e.g. if having good family and friends there is important, a destination wedding may make it difficult for everyone you want there to be there). Don’t get all caught up in the theme! and the DIY! and the STUFF! (you seem to be on the path with this one). At the end of it all, plan a day that YOU and HE will enjoy-that’s all the guests want to see anyway, two people in love and enjoying it.

    This is, of course, all advice you can feel free to throw aside because it is coming from a stranger.

  • GreenInOC

    Here’s my advice, do not get wrapped up in what people will think. The day is about the people who love you being together and then to PARTAYYY! If anyone needs to be impressed, they need to be scratched off the invite list.

    Your rehearsal dinner will be in a barn, the wedding will be on the beach and the reception will be in your parent’s backyard!

    Have you seen YHL’s DIY backyard wedding on a budget? Fantabulous!!!:

    The absolute best wedding I ever went to had a budget of about $2k. Seriously.

    Whatever you both do, enjoy yourselves, each other, your loved ones and the day.

  • Gennifer

    I agree with Daniele and GreenInOC. Figure out what’s important to you and say to hell with all that DIY crap and what other people think. They are getting treated to an awesome party that will have the most delicious cake they’ve ever tasted. How can they complain? Congrats again!

  • Tim Eimiller

    Just elope.

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