Road Trip

October 5, 2012

Just in case you thought I could spend the holiday weekend packing…


Because the Dlugs are going on a much anticipated family vacation beginning this evening.

I cannot tell you the last time all six of us went on vacation. (There was a family wedding in Boston we all went to a few years ago but aside from that…mid-1990’s?)

Last year, my mother, possibly feeling the sadness that was all four of her babies out of the house forever, decided that we should possibly skip Christmas presents and plan a trip instead. We were instructed to just buy each other one small gift for Christmas and then, VACATION HERE WE COME!

What happened was that everyone got one gift.

And we never planned a vacation.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, CRATCHIT FAMILY! (No presents but lots of love! And God Bless Us Everyone!)

Big families = lots of opinions and busy schedules! We couldn’t decide where to go, when to go, what to do, sister in grad school, older brother running marathons, younger brother doing…whatever it is 22 year olds do…

Finally this past summer, I was all ENOUGH ALREADY YOU GUYS and rented a farm house upstate for us.

We had grand plans for apple picking and leaf peeping and oh what a magical Columbus Day weekend it will be!

Welp. Now it’s supposed to rain all weekend so I guess it will be more like…baking pumpkin brownies and drinking wine.

And that sounds…perfect?

Oh, I am so, so excited! Basically because: SO MUCH BLOG FODDER! (My dad, amirite!?!?)

I will be back next week with much to report! Huzzah, fall! family! brownies!


  • Carrie-Anne

    Laura I must tell you that I have been reading your blog and loving you and your adventures all the way from Texas for like over a year now. I had been writing a blog about my struggle with infertility until my husband and I finally adopted a newborn baby girl…we got to be in the delivery room when she was born how crazy is that?! Anyway, I started a new blog and suddenly I am able to leave you a comment so I’m taking advantage of the moment in case it goes away forever again. Just wanted you to know that you always bring a smile to my day and often a burst of laughter. It was always my dream growing up to be a big city girl in New York and though I never got there I love knowing there’s someone there following her dreams and loving her life. Big big hugs your way dear, and thank you!! Carrie-Anne

  • TheSpectrum

    Carrie-Anne, congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!! I will head over to your blog to check it out, thanks for your sweet words.

  • Gennifer

    It has been far too long since you last posted about your dad. I’m hoping for some video.

  • Tim Eimiller

    So jealous. My fam’s been trying to do this for years. Maybe this March.

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