Yoga Teacher Training/Also Whitney Houston

September 18, 2012

As part of my ‘work hard/do things I love’ thing that is my life, I finally admitted how much I love doing yoga and also how I think I would rock if I TAUGHT yoga. This is based on the fact that when I’m in class, I am easily distracted by people doing things incorrectly and I want to tell them how to fix it but that would make me a jerk. BUT A SMART JERK?

My problem with yoga teacher training up until this point is that I don’t have a specific kind of yoga I love enough to dedicate that much time to it. I loooooooooove Bikram yoga but I dislike Bikram as a person and I don’t think that doing his sequence every day is in fact all the work out you need to like, cure all your diseases/problems (SORRY.) I also don’t think a yoga studio should charge you for water and my current Bikram yoga studio does and…JUST STOP WITH THAT. IS THIS RUSSIA!?

I like vinyasa a lot but then I tend miss the heat so then I combined the two and took hot vinyasa and achieved perfection pretty much but then thought I might also love a calmer class that’s not so hot/death defying/it just depends on my mood which shifts minute to minute and WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO?

I’ll tell you.

I signed up for a 200 hr yoga teacher training at my old amazing yoga studio which is being led by five different teachers who specialize in different things:

1. A student of Dharma Mittra. (This dude can stand on his head without his hands. Is that a good idea? I DON’T KNOW.)

2. A dude who just came back from India where he studied with B K S Iyengar himself. I cannot even with this.

3. One of Jimmy Barkan’s students AKA hot yoga hot yoga hot hot hot yoga!

4. A woman who has been around forever and specializes in prenatal/postnatal yoga. FASCINATING TO ME.

5. This other guy who teaches the hardest class I have ever taken and I’m just completely obsessed. Also he taught me how to jump forward from down dog to the top of my mat without making a sound and have you heard me walk down stairs ever? My mother used to liken it to an elephant clomping its way through the safari. So…noiseless jumping? A MODERN DAY MIRACLE.

So, anyway.

As of October, I’ll be participating in training two weekends a month until February and taking class a zillion times a week and learning about anatomy and alignment and how to lead a yoga class. (I’m guessing I shouldn’t walk in and just scream HEYYYYYYYYYYY YOU GUYS which is what I do most other places.)

I’m not viewing this necessarily as a career move but a possible thing I might like to do some day once in awhile and a way to deepen my practice and stop being afraid of the wall. (I hate going upside down against the wall. Don’t ask me why, it causes panic. CHILDHOOD TRAUMA? PROBABLY.)

I was explaining all this yoga teacher training stuff to my cousin Tom on the phone yesterday.

TOM: That is so great! You’ll learn how to teach all different kinds of class!

LAURA: Yeah. Pretty excited.

TOM: Like, you could put on some crazy music and teach a really hard sweaty class! AND I’LL BE THERE.

LAURA: Great!

TOM: Or you can put on like slow jazz and lead a smooth low-key class AND I WILL SHOW UP.

LAURA: Great. I’m not sure slow jazz and yoga are a thing…

TOM: Or you could teach a class where all we listen to is Whitney Houston and I will come and just cry on my mat the whole time because she’s dead.

LAURA: Stop talking. But thanks for your support.


  • Gennifer

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting to sign up for yoga teacher training, too! Congrats!

  • Farah

    I’d totally love the lady who screams “HEYYYYYYYYY YOU GUYS” before yoga class! :)

  • GreenInOC

    That is SO wonderful, congrats!!

    I know of someone who just finished her instruction in “Chair Yoga” – the students never have to leave their chairs. I have a friend that has a pretty major disability in her legs, she can’t walk/stand unassisted so she hasn’t done Yoga in 40 years. She did the Chair Yoga and is hooked! She said that she was still able to work everything and she felt just like she had after Yoga 40 years ago.

  • TheSpectrum

    Oh man! One studio I frequent often busts out chairs just for certain poses. I thought it was SO strange at first but I have to say it made certain things a lot easier. I think we were doing some kind of shoulder stand where your head/spine is on the floor on blankets but your knees/legs are hooked around a chair. So great for your friend! Yoga is so healing. (DIDN’T THAT SOUND SO ZEN!?)

  • Tim Eimiller

    Cool. Let me know if you ever teach a postnatal yoga class. I’ve been postnatal for most of my life.

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