Joblessness: On Seeing Things

January 13, 2012

When you lose your job, you have free time.

When you have a boyfriend in his early thirties, you can use this free time to go to all of his friends’ weddings.

You can also visit your cousin Tom in LA because your plane ticket roundtrip with tax was $256. (You will never find that fare again, though you will continue to search frantically for it the rest of the year.)

You can also take your first ever solo trip with your mom to Miami in the middle of March, alliteration WHAT’S UP.

I traveled a lot this year.

And this, oh this, I loved.

I feel so happy and so grateful every time I look at any of these pictures, not to mention how overwhelmed and lucky I feel to look at them all.

Miami, March:

Los Angeles, April:

Amelia Island, May:

Manchester, July:

Litchfield, July:

Nashville, July/August:

Chicago, September:

Los Angeles, November:

So much love and luck in my life, you know?


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