Back on the East Coast

November 28, 2011

In a weird instance of ‘global warming is probably definitely a sure thing, there is no way this is not happening’, for the first time ever, New York was as warm as Los Angeles this year. I stepped off the plane expecting my usual relief of warm air and…nope, the same. Except palm trees.

And TOM, of course.

Speaking of plane ride, the woman in front of me on the way to LA was traveling alone with four girls under the age of five. It was interesting to me because most people on the plane just shot her death looks the whole time and also interesting because I volunteered to hold her baby for a second while she helped her other daughters and the baby promptly sneezed all over me. It was rather endearing. (I wiped her nose. BROWNIE POINTS.) The rest of the trip was not at all endearing because every so often, as I was dozing off, I would bolt upright in my seat wide awake as one daughter screamed at the other daughter who would whine to her mother who was trying to nurse a baby to sleep who just said to please stop kicking the seat in front of you and share your crayons and I just thought how lucky I was that we never had the money to travel on an airplane because my mom would’ve arrived at the baggage claim with a head full of gray hair. Or perhaps she would’ve sold a few of us to the highest bidder. I am not quite sure.


LA was really super chill. Tom and I had some good quality time! We ran the Santa Monica stairs, went hiking in Griffith Park, ate Thai food every day for dinner and saw three movies.

Come on over here for a second! Let me show you some of my vacation slides! Pull up a chair! It’ll only take a few hours…

See Tom! See Tom run up and down the stairs! The craziest thing I saw this time around was a man who would run up the stairs on his legs and then go back down the stairs ON HIS HANDS. IN A HANDSTAND. ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STAIRS. ON A STEEP MOUNTAIN. WHAT THE ?? I am sad I did not get a picture of him. But there’s a redhead in front of me! WHO COULD IT BE? (Also please note how far behind Tom I am. He ran up and down the stairs eight times this year. Me? Six. And I couldn’t walk the next day so, I’m in great shape is what I’m saying. Tom and I took turns rolling our muscles out on his foam roller in the days that followed and just screaming in sheer agony. So, this is always a good way to spend time, yeah?)

We did not take the dynamite spicy challenge at this Thai place because we didn’t feel like dying and yet…I regret this?

And now it’s time for: LAURA REVIEWS MOVIES:

The Descendants starring George Clooney – A+! Indie and artsy and moving without being too depressing! I cried!

The Muppets – A+! Hilarious and joyful and so nostalgic! I cried a few times!

The Artist – A+! A completely silent film! Incredible plus tap dancing! I am not telling you whether or not I cried!

The End.

The sucky thing about Tom is that he lives so far away. The awesome thing is that I get to go visit him and hang out under the palm trees and such.

Not a bad deal, right?

Tom…why so serious?

Plus for Thanksgiving we made about 27 dishes including a twice-baked butternut squash which I am still dreaming about but sadly did not take a picture of.

And that concludes my trip to Los Angeles 2011. I am sad it is over. I miss Tom. And running various places until my calf muscles are on fire and eating so many Thai noodles that I think NEVER AGAIN WITH THE THAI NOODLES and then eat them again the next evening.

But that’s life, guys. THAT IS JUST LIFE.

I leave you with this awkward picture taken while wondering if my phone was working:

Fake smiles for all! Happy Late Thanksgiving!

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