99 Bottles of Beer

July 8, 2011

What’s up for your weekend, you guys?

I am heading to Vermont with the twins which I am excited about. I am typing this while sitting in the backseat with them, reminded of car trips from my youth with my siblings. Little persons tapping me and going ARE YOU TICKLISH? ARE YOU TICKLISH?


All I’m missing is my Gameboy and my pillow person and it’s 1994.

Twenty minutes into the trip, Owen asked me why violence exists.

Dudes, this is gonna be a longass car ride.

Also Owen, it’s common knowledge that violence exists because someone long ago was in the backseat with someone else who repeatedly kept asking them ARE YOU TICKLISH? ARE YOU TICKLISH?

Soon after, gunpowder was invented.

The end.

Road trips are also great because I’m eating French fries. This is notable because my boyfriend and I just finished a 3 day juice cleanse. Rather, he did. I got 3/4 of the way through one day and was like WAIT. CHEWING STUFF IS BETTER. I kept it to raw fruits and vegs though so these fries are amazing. If only a 6 year old weren’t poking me with his croc. I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND. JUST YOU WAIT.

What’s up with you guys? Fun road trip stories? Juice cleanse stories? Summer weekend plans? The weather in Vermont looks cool and breezy, much better than humid smelly full-of-cockroaches NYC and I’m on the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy so my life is pretty great! And you?


  • The Mom

    LOVE the history of violence…and, as one with 6 siblings, can relate and appreciate the need for violence.

    Strawberry-banana-Chobani Yogurt smoothie (homemade!), swimming in people’s pools, particularly the neighbor’s pool where YOU used to swim, then dinner with other adults only to end the weekend with youth who will be hitting a wiffle ball and landing on “pool bases” filled with Jello, shaving cream, ice water and a slip ‘n slide into home base! Summer’s just begun! Safe travels!

  • Tim Eimiller

    My roommate read The Hunger Games trilogy. She loved it. For the weekend I… umm… went to see Green Lantern despite the poor reviews. I liked it, but I’m a sucker for superhero movies.

    I am the most exciting person ever.

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