May 2, 2011

It’s my little brother Jem’s 21st birthday today.

Hard to believe the little chubby big-eared baby boy is officially an adult. And can drink alcohol for the first time in his life.


Jem is a total maniac and the funniest person I know.

On our way back from our cousin’s wedding last August, we were held up in a little traffic so Jem hopped out of our car to visit some cousins in the car behind us.

He hiked up his black socks and his gym shorts and thus went to hang out dressed like the old ItalianĀ  men who wander around my neighborhood in this exact outfit plus a pinkie ring.

Jem, you are the most ridiculous thing that ever happened to our family and that’s saying a lot because…we were a whole lot of ridiculous already.

Welcome to legal adulthood.

I am super proud to be one of your sisters and look forward to so many more moments of you being an old Italian gangster.

We love you! CHEERS!


  • Tim Eimiller

    He sounds fantastic. I want to meet him.

  • Oldnovice

    Didn’t it occur to you that his siblings taught him how to be silly?

  • JEM

    Hey I didn’t know you wrote this love you and I can always hike the socks up to the knees if you think it’ll be a more appropriate fashion statement.

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