West Coast Time

April 10, 2011

So. Reason #3098123 that unemployment is A-okay is that you can pack up and go see your cousin in Los Angeles whenever you feel like it.

Or when you find a roundtrip flight for $280 with tax. WHAT? THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

This is my way of telling you I’m in LA right now.

I forgot to tell you, internet!

No, that’s not true. I told you on Twitter.

SIDEBAR:I didn’t think I would actually like Twitter being that I seem to be a little anti social media sometimes and am not even on Facebook. I KNOW. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

But I actually really, really enjoy Twitter and I’m actually surprised Rita hasn’t joined so she can follow me and read my hilarious 140 character snippets of life.


Twitter is not the point of this post.



I arrived in LA yesterday after a lovely flight on Virgin America. It was my first time flying Virgin (INSERT JOKE OF YOUR CHOICE HERE) and I was impressed with their helpfulness, cool lighting inside the plane and am still trying not to hold it against them that they charge $8 for movies and so I got stuck watching free cable TV and on a Saturday morning, the only thing on was the “Bewitched” movie on TNT.

You guys, nothing can save that movie. Not Will Ferrell. Not anything.

Naturally, I watched the whole thing.

Then I watched Kim and Kourtney Take New York! Which is a reality show starring those crazy Kardashian girls. The show was about privileged, irritating people running around the city. Also there were too many commercials.

Naturally, I watched three back-to-back episodes.


Things are great so far. It actually feels like spring here and Tom’s apartment is warmer than it is in November which means even though I packed my snowsuit, I won’t need it!

Tom took me to dinner last night at a super fancy restaurant called The Bazaar. HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s one of those really crazy places that use that modern foodie gastro whatever technology and make shit like ZUCCHINI AIR and LIQUID MOZZARELLA.

No lie. Those are things I ate.

Also, I drank a mojito with cotton candy in it.

It should be no surprise that the only pictures I’ve taken so far are of food.

You can see the rest here.

And now, I am going to watch an episode of The Babysitter’s Club on YouTube with Tom.

(What? Like you aren’t doing the same thing.)

Then perhaps we will go on a hike.

And take a picture of something not food-related.

But probably not.

Okay! CARRY ON! West Coast! Ahoy!


  • Andrea

    Baby-Sitter’s Club on YouTube = best way to pass a lazy Sunday. I’m with you on that entertainment choice.

  • Tim Eimiller

    Sometimes I don’t read the lines and/or paragraphs of your blog posts in the order you intend. Assuming, that is, that you intend us to read your blog posts from top to bottom, skipping nothing in between. Which, I must admit, does seem rather pedestrian for the likes of you, but never mind. The point is, for awhile there, I thought you had gone to LA and watched Bewitched on TBS and three back-to-back-to-back episodes of Kardashian nonsense. So I was about to virtually smack you. But now, after attempting a more conventional method of reading this blog post, I realize that you were on a plane to LA. Not actually in LA. So, rather than virtually smack you, I’ll just gently suggest that the next time you’re on a plane, read a blinking book. Perhaps something light and warm-hearted, like Cujo.

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