Miami Update

March 22, 2011

Just as an FYI, you guys, balmy windy days at the beach can be deceiving.

You might not feel the sun. But it is still out. Wreaking havoc on your skin.

Voila, my sunburn, which actually doesn’t look as bad in this photo as it is.

Or was.

It’s better today.

You’d think, having grown up at the beach, that I would’ve been more careful but alas, I was not. I got too excited by the fact that the water here is CRYSTAL CLEAR and SO WARM and I LOVE TO SWIM and I BROUGHT SUNSCREEN WITH ME BUT IT’S WINDY AND I DON’T EVEN FEEL HOT SO…

Um. Yeah.

Don’t be so dumb.

I must add, before I get a lecture, that I wear sunscreen every day so GRANT ME THIS ONE MISTAKE.

Mom and I slathered ourselves in SPF 30 today and took a lovely bike ride to get some aloe. I’m feeling much better, not quite as hot and not quite as red. Luckily for me, my skin tans rather easily so this should fade in a few days. For now, IT IS I. LOBSTER LAURA.

Other than that, life is pretty much perfect. Swimming in the clear blue ocean, happy hour on the porch of our hotel, jogs along the beach and a bike ride to get some aloe vera gel.


I hear snow is headed to NYC tomorrow when I return.

I actually do not care in the slightest because right now, uh, this stuff:

So, yeah.



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