It’s Technically Still Thanksgiving in LA

November 26, 2010


I’m late with a gratitude post.

And my heart is quite full of things to be thankful for this year, as always.

I am completely stuffed full of a very vegetarian Thanksgiving and after I ate third helpings of everything, Tom and his roommate made me watch Twilight: New Moon which, um, was confusing and weird to me as I didn’t see the first Twilight and my God are those movies full of angst and melodramatic dialogue but it didn’t really matter because I watched it while drinking red wine and shoving my face with chocolate truffle whoopie pies.


No, but. Yeah.

And now, a list.


My ability to walk, even if it’s with a sprained knee.

Those whoopie pies, dear Lord in heaven.

My day job, which gives me flexibility and a paycheck, which treats me with respect, which challenges me but doesn’t overwhelm me, which allows me to fly to Los Angeles for a holiday.

My dad who is in a wheelchair but who is alive and strong and hilarious.

My mom who puts up with the cursing on my blog and everything else that comes with being my mother.

My siblings and the joy they bring me.

That feeling of walking down the street wearing something cute, catching a man’s eye and smiling back.

My ability to type e-mails and text messages and the friends at the receiving end who always respond and make me laugh and feel loved and appreciated.


Heartaches and heartbreaks because they let me see how far I’ve come and where to go next.

The glimpse of the Manhattan skyline when I’m driving toward the midtown tunnel, how the billboards come into view and the skyline emerges over the highway and how I still smile and occasionally get choked up at the sight of it, at a city, as if it’s calling out to me, welcoming me home.

The fact that I’m not married and do not have children and can go anywhere and do anything without having to check in or consult or compromise. (I don’t mean this to offend, of course. I just spend so much time beating myself up for not having those things that I tend to forget that where I am right now in my life is liberating and full of sweetness all its own.)

The way the twins barrel toward me when I ring their doorbell and shriek my name with utter delight, as if I am the most important and exciting person in the universe.

Watching YouTube videos in my kitchen with my roommates and cackling hysterically.

Nail polish on my toes, peppermint soap in the yoga studio shower, clean sheets, iced soy lattes, eyelash curlers, Christmas lights, crashing waves, gray corduroy pants, Whole Foods’ golden sesame tofu.

My trip to Rome this summer.

Tall men.

Unexpected compliments.

The freedom to create and dream and think and do.

Blog comments AKA All Y’alls.

I am so lucky, so blessed, so Insert Your Favorite Word Here. Los Angeles is wonderful, New York City is waiting for me, my heart is full and my belly is too and this would be a kickass poem if I could ever find a way to finish it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. My life is pretty rockin’. And I hope that yours is too! And if it ain’t, come over. I hear we’re gonna bust out more Twilight soon. (On second thought, don’t come over, SAVE YOURSELVES.)





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  • Tim Eimiller

    I am so lucky, so blessed, so oxygen.


    “The way the twins barrel toward me when I ring their doorbell and shriek my name with utter delight, as if I am the most important and exciting person in the universe.”

    My nieces and nephew do that to me. It is a remarkable feeling. Hearing the two-year-old say, “Don’t go!” when it was time for me to leave yesterday almost made me cry.

    I’d love to come over, but I don’t think even your company would enable me to tolerate Twilight a second time. But, hey, I’m willing to try if you are. I’m nothing if not resilient.

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